AGKSoft - Vendors

Invoices can be entered in many ways:

  1. You can download an EDI (Electronic Invoice) from your vendor and it can be automatically loaded into the Vendor Invoice window shown below.

  2. You can use a Wireless Portable Scanner.

  3. You can get a spreadsheet from your vendor, save it as Tab Separated file and Load it directly into the Vendor Invoice window.  We will prompt you to map each column.

  4. You can enter Invoices manually using the UPC-Codes or Vendor Item #.

Here's a list of some of the EDI Vendors we have been working with:

Albert Guarnieri & Co. Amcon Distributing



Capitol Distributing CashWa Distributing
CDH Centry Chambers & Owen CONCO Cooper Booth
Core Mark Doug E B Brown Farner Bocken Finkle FinTech
Garber Glidewell Distributing GSC - Grocery Supply Company Hackney HH Foods
HiWay HLA Imperial Jackson Wholesale JPolep JT Daven Port
Klein Layman Candy Company Liberty USA Lyons McLane
MCT Wholesale Merchant's Grocery Merril Modern Distributors MTC Distributing
Petrey Pine State Saint SAS SLEDD
SouthCo Stewart Topicz Thomas & Howard Twin City Wholesale Wease Distributing Zuma & Sons.

Vendor Invoice Window (HT&H Hackney)

Vendor Invoice Window (JPolep)

Vendor Invoice Window (McLane)

Vendor Invoice Window (CoreMark)

Vendor Invoice Window (PineState)

  • When you load an Electronic Invoice, you will see the Vendor Invoice Window shown above as well as the following log:

            Your cost was changed for the following items:

---------- ------------------------ --------- --------- --------- ----- ----------
----------- ------------------------ --------- --------- --------- ----- ----------
3400000039  TWIZZLER STRAWBERRY STRA   $0.3950 $0.4054    $0.0104   24    $0.2496
31254765517 ROLAIDS SOFT CHEWS VAN C   $0.5450 $0.6717    $0.1267   12    $1.5204
31254765520 ROLAIDS SOFT CHEW CHERRY    $0.5450 $0.6717    $0.1267   12    $1.5204
02820019319 SC MARL MEDKB B2G1F .55    $2.7700 $2.7671   -$0.0029   14   -$0.0406
02820019108 SC MARL LTMNKB B2G1F .55   $2.7700 $2.7671   -$0.0029   07   -$0.0203

                                              TOTAL INVOICE COST CHANGE = $3.2295


  • To see what you owe each vendor, start the "My Vendors" window as shown below.

My Vendors Window


  • To see a report of all your vendor charges, click the "Report" button.

Vendors Report

  • To place your Purchase Orders, start the Inventory window and click "Vendor Order".

Vendor Order Window