AGKSoft - Short/Over

To see the Daily Summary Report, click Daily Summary

When you download your shifts from your Cash Register, the Short/Over screen shown below gets automatically populated.

You look it over and make sure the Cash & Checks do match.  You click [Close Shift (SAVE)] when you finish.

Short/Over Window

  • After Closing your Shift, you may want to look at some reports.

  • Click the Report button to see some reports as shown below.

Short/Over Report

Note that the Report shown above can show every shift, every day, your monthly totals and your grand total for the selected dates.



  • When you receive your Fuel Delivery, you click GAS LOAD.

  • You will now see the GAS LOAD screen shown below.

  • You enter the Volume and Price for each grade, we calculate the rest.

  • You click Save when you finish.

  • If your vendor provides XML invoices such as the one provided by Shell, you can click "Load Invoice" to load it.

Fuel Reconciliation