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AGKSoft Micro-PC2 (Windows 10)

Shown below is the micro-PC AGKSoft offers with SSD is about 6" x 5" in size and the unit boots in about 5 seconds. 

Figure 1 (Front)

Figure 2 (Back)

Figure 3 (Mounted on the back of a Monitor)

It comes with 2 LANs & WIFI as well as 1 Serial Port and 4 USB Ports.

Micro-PC includes a 1 year warranty (Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor are not included).

*** Specification ***

Intel Celeron Quad Core 2.42-GHz, 1 HDMI, USB: 3 USB 2.0 + 1 USB 3.0, Drive: 256GB SSD

Memory: 8GB, Network: Wifi + 2 LAN, Ports: 1 Serial

Power Consumption: 10W