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AGKSoft Support

AGKSoft provides the best customer support using highly trained/qualified support staff located in the United States.

When you call AGKSoft, a person in the United States answers the phone within seconds and most support calls are completed within minutes.

AGKSoft combines the Support & Engineering teams into one group giving you immediate results on the most complicated support issues that may come up.

A G K S U P P O R T @AGKSOFT.COM Email Support is monitored by all Support & Development Engineers

Configure your scanner to include the Number System all the time, also Expand the UPC-E to UPC-A and DO NOT INCLUDE the Check-Digit except for EAN8





Enter 11-digits into AGKSoft

Do not enter the Check-Digit


Enter 7-digits into AGKSoft

Do not enter the Check-Digit


AGKSoft should expand it to this:


Enter 12-digits into AGKSoft

Do not enter the Check-Digit


Enter 8-digits into AGKSoft

Always include the Check-Digit



1. Team Viewer 11:  To install it, click here

When prompted to "Run" or "Save", select "Save" twice.  When prompted "Download Complete", select "Run" twice.  When you see the "Welcome to Teamviewer" window, make sure "Install" is selected and click "Next".  When you see the "Environment" window, make sure "Personal" is selected and click "Next".  When you see the "License Agreement" window, check both boxes and click "Next".  When you see the "Choose installation type" window, select "Normal Installation" and click "Next".  When you see the "Access Control" window, select "Full access" and click "Next" and then "Finish".

For TightVNC, click here

2. Connections:  To see all connections, click here

To watch the Video for connecting a Ruby Register, click here

3. Ruby Commander:

Cybera Zone Router

Windows 7 HTTPS Patch

4. Gilbarco Passport:

Click here to see the DMZ Port

5. Firewall/Antivirus/Security

Antivirus/Security Software will block most internet communication and sometimes they block non-internet activities needed to operate.  If you are having problems, see the various Antivirus software below for a solution.

Windows Defender

    • Click Start, look for Settings  and select Update & security and click Windows Defender.  Scroll down until you see Exclusions, select "Add an Exclusion".

    • When you see "Files and folders", select "Exclude a folder"

    • Located and select your AGKSoft folder (Ex: c:\agksoft)
    • Click "Exclude a folder" and select the "C:\Windows\WindowsMobile" folder or you can click "Exclude a file" and select the "C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\wmdc.exe" file.

Windows Firewall

  • For Windows 7:  Click Start, select Control Panel, open Network and Sharing. At the bottom left of this screen select Windows Firewall. Click Advanced Settings. Select "Inbound Rules", look for AGKSOFT and make sure it is Enabled for Private and Public.
  • For XP:  Click Start, Control Panel, Network Connections. Right click on Local Area Connection, select Properties, click the Advanced tab.  Uncheck all checkboxes in the list under [Network Connection Settings] and click Settings
  • You can either add an exception for FTP or turn off the firewall.  To add FTP, click "Exceptions", click "Add Port", type "Ftp" next to Name and "21" next to Port Number.

Norton 360

To see how to make AGKSoft work, click here

McAfee Total Protection

Right click on the McAfee icon, select "Firewall Settings".  Look at the bottom left, select "Custom Settings" & click "Edit".  Scroll down until you see "[X] File Transfer Protocol (FTP)".  Make sure the "Allow" box on the left is checked and click OK twice.

McAfee Antivirus

Right click on the McAfee icon, select "Open Security Center", select "Personal Firewall+", select "Utilities", "Internet Applications".  Make sure "AGKSoft" has Full Access

McAfee/Network Associates Virus Scan

Open the Virus Scan Console by clicking on "Start", "All Program", "McAfee or Network Associates" or open the VShield system tray icon by right-clicking. Double click "Access Protection" and make sure "Prevent FTP outbound"  is not  checked.  Double click "On-Access Scanner", select "All Processes" on the left, select "Detection" from the Tabs, click "Exclusions", then "Add" and enter "C:\Program Files\Station\*" in the box.


Since AVG blocks network activity, we do not work with AVG.  If you want to use our software, you have to remove it.

BitDefender 2010

Right click the BitDefender system tray icon and select Show.  Select "Settings" and make sure "Export Mode" is selected and click "Apply.  Now select "AntiVirus", then "Advanced Settings".  Under "Exclusions", click the "+" to add the files you want to exclude.  You may also need to select "Firewall", then "Settings" and make sure "Firewall" is disabled.  Also, under the Rules tab, click the "+" to add the files you want to exclude.

Panda Security

Click Start - All Programs - Panda Platinum 200x Internet Security.  Expand the top section called Security Protection and click the Settings.  Select Known Threats from the list of component on the left-hand side

Under the section Protection against known threats, click the Settings... button to the right of Scan files on disk, select the Exclusions tab from along the top.

You now have 3 different types of exclusions you can make Directories (folders), Files and Extensions

6. Serial Drivers

Lava PCI Driver  or  Lava Vista Driver  or  Lava PCI-E Driver

RC300 Windows 7-32bit or  RC300 Windows 7-64bit

DTech Driver  Prolific Driver

7. Ethernet Drivers

Realtech Driver (Windows 7)

Realtech Driver (Windows XP)

8. USB 2 Serial Drivers

IO Gear: Driver Installation

Prolific: Driver Installation

ROHS: Driver Installation

Staples ROHS: Driver Installation

9. Barcode Printers

Please contact AGKSoft on how to setup your Barcode Printer.  Note that we only support printers purchased from AGKSoft.  For a sample barcode or to download the Software, click here.

10. Dynamic DNS - Click here to more info.

Setup Remote Access for up to 30 hostnames if you do not have a static IP Address.  This service will translate your Dynamic IP Address to a static name of your choice.

11. Microsoft Vista & Windows 7

For the portables to work on Windows 7 or Vista, you need to download version 6.1 or later.  Click "Windows Mobile Device Center 32-bit" to download it.  To download the 64-bit version, click "Windows Mobile Device Center 64-bit".

12. Sample Departments - Click here for a sample list of the most common departments.

13. Outlook or Outlook Express - For AGKSoft to send you emails, you must setup Outlook or Outlook Express on your PC and make sure you are able to send yourself an email.  For Outlook Express to work, select Tools, Options, Security and make sure to uncheck the "Warm Me..." checkbox.

14. Netgear Driver - Click here to install.

15. FileZilla

Click here to download the 64-bits version.

Click here to download the 32-bits version.

16. Verizon DSL Router

If you want to change the IP Address of the Verizon DSL Router from to, open your Internet Browser, type "" in the address bar.  Enter your username and password.  Click [My Network], select the proper network and click [Configure Connection].  Now change all occurrences of the 168 to 188, there should be 3 places.  Click OK and Reboot your PC.